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AMI BUSINESS RESILIENCE SAVING JOBS AND LIVES April 2, 2009. Toronto based Associate Marketing International isn`t participating in this recession. With triple digit growth every year since 2004, AMI continues to expand its global reach with an exclusive list of blue chip clients. David J. Howell, President of AMI, said his company provides an unusual, cost effective, price/value proposition in North America, Europe and the Middle East. We engage seasoned, professional service executives, not over-priced consultants. Our model was great four years ago and works even better, in this current economic climate.It`s counter-intuitive, but in recessionary times, many companies cut staff, continuous improvement initiatives and budgets in favor of must-do projects, required or legislated by banks and government. AMI-Business Resilience has been very focused on business continuity, disaster management and pandemic planning, said Howell. In response to market demand, AMI has purchased The Pandemic 101 Corporation and the intellectual properties of troubled Respond Solutions Inc. This provides AMI with the ability to offer integrated end-to-end solutions to business continuity clients. AMI`s Risk Management and Pandemic Services, coupled with emergency planning and training, allows them to perform such tasks, at considerably lower rates than competitors. But, does competition exist? Howell says no. He went on to say that, the breadth of AMI`s offering in risk management is exclusive to AMI. Their holistic approach, to Pandemic Planning is that all issues are addressed, from business survival plans to managing the health and safety issues of employees with training and guidance on anti-viral programs through a partnership network of Canada`s leading doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Asked about the acquisition, Scott Ashley, President of Respond Solutions said the acquisition and integration of his emergency planning and training company with an organization, so strong in business continuity planning is dynamic. It brings a discipline to the emergency planning industry that only seasoned, professional service people can provide.
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   "We were extremely pleased with both the performance and cost structure that AMI brought to the table. We gave them a score of 9.3/10. They did a superb job and were open and candid with us at all times. AMI really helped us in both the short and long term. We really appreciated the level of professionalism."






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