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AMI Health Sciences Expertise...


Health Sciences companies continue to face increasing pressure to produce timely, innovative drugs and cures while under pricing pressure from private brand companies that do not bear the heavy costs of break through research.


Markets like China and India offer growth opportunities, and the potential of savings, but the industry remains to be under close scrutiny, coupled with the consuming public’s high expectations.


AMI has taken an active role in the Health Sciences field through a number of different initiatives. Aside from the assistance and assurances that we provide the pharmaceutical industry in matters relating to business operations, AMI is one of the few companies in Canada, certified by Pandemic 101 to execute Business Continuity Plans, outside of disaster recovery.


Avian flu poses a clear and present danger around the world, as an increasing number of human cases are now being reported. This highly contagious influenza puts all business at risk, with an enormous threat relating to the absence of human capital. Health Sciences companies frantically trying to keep up with mutating viruses find themselves always trailing the resolve to these situations.


AMI provides the intellectual capacity to assist these organizations with the enormous hurdles they face on a daily basis. Though our consulting association with Pandemic 101 and our close affiliation with Dr. Jim Young, we continue to offer Health Sciences companies’ ways of streamlining processes, improve ROI and move into emerging markets.


AMI is actively marketing both Relenza from Glaxo Smith Kline and Tami Flu form Roche Pharmaceuticals as part of our effort to prepare Global companies for both the impact of an often deadly influenza as well as the opportunities that exist in being better prepared than their competitors.

Health Sciences Services


  • Lobbying
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Change Management Support
  • Product Launch
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Project Risk Management & Business Continuity Planning
  • Transportation Optimization & Modeling



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