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AMI Regulated Industries Expertise...


The deregulation of Ontario’s electricity sector happened so quickly that, neither the industry or the public have come to grips with the challenges that cleaner power, conservation and self sufficiency have imposed upon us.


While the public endorses cleaner power, corporations faced many hurdles in their attempt to erect wind farms along the shores of Lake Huron. People embraced cleaner power as long as the source was not in their back yard.


This industry faces enormous changes as we attempt to move away from coal powered generating plants. Smart meters, currently a little behind schedule will change the way consumers consume kilowatt hours, but the biggest changes must come from the industry itself.


Cultural changes within the utilities will be dramatic Our collective goals will require significant change. AMI recognizes that conservation is key, with the shortfall in power generation driving Canada’s utilities to manage demand as consumers reduce consumption.


AMI’s Sustainability Group, has invested money in businesses and products that control hydro consumption and so we find ourselves at the front lines of these initiatives. We are currently promoting a new technology in solar energy to the United Arab Emirates as an alternative to their current modes of hydro generation.


AMI associates provide experience gathered from engagements with Ontario Hydro, AECL, Nova Scotia Power, Saskatchewan Power and New Brunswick Power.



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