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Agility Services

What we do...


The AMI Agility Team is well trained and experienced, comprised of PMP , P.Eng., MBA, PhD, CMA, SixSigma, and P.Log. designations with centuries in combined experience.


AMI works by your side to develop a clear and focused project charter, then supports your Agility efforts by following a rigorous step-by-step approach, facilitated by easy to use tools.


The result is improvement in speed, cost and overall effectiveness of the targeted process. In order to help ensure a sustained benefit, the AMI team will work with you to install perfomance measurements and design an organizational structure with clear lines of accountability.

AMI Management Skills Inventory...


  • Program Management
  • Project Management & Facilitation
  • Process Engineering Methodology
  • Process Mapping
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Financial Analysis
  • Process Benchmarking
  • Perfomance Measurement
  • Activy-based Costing
  • Organizational Design
  • Change Management Support
  • Outsourcing

The Need for Speed...


Faster. Better. Cheaper. This is the defacto requirement today for every organization with a desire to compete in the global economy. A 7-10 day delivery time was sufficient two years ago, but 3-5 days will meet today's needs, and next-day delivery will soon be the need of tomorrow.


The primary focus of the AMI methodology is on the process itself and the people who perform it; not the underlying technology. In this way, we keep it simple and use the levers that deliver a rapid, effective outcome.


In situations where IT improvements are in order, AMI will support the IT implementation with our exceptional Program Management skills.





Contact AMI or call David Howell today at (905) 812-7264 for more information and to understand how AMI can achieve results for your business.