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Innovation Services

What we do...


AMI will work closely with your team from thought to finish. Following a disciplined process that begins with strategy, we assist in research and intelligence gathering, and help guide stagegate reviews during product development to ensure the product delivered is what customers want.


Through the strength of our network, we follow through with effective product launch, special events, media coverage, channel creation, and sales support.

AMI Management Skills Inventory...


  • Strategic Planning
  • Market "Research in Rotation"
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Sell-Sense
  • Product Development
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Product Launch
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Lobbying
  • Contract Sales
  • Media Planning

Innovation . . . A Call to Arms!


North America, and in particular, Canada, has seen the continued erosion of the manufacturing base in many sectors. Our traditional value-creation base is slowly being eliminated and being replaced with alternative offshore capability. This is also occurring with knowledge workers, with offshore and near-shore outsourcing growing in popularity.


AMI believes that a strong focus on Innovation is vital to help stem the tide. Innovation efforts will create both knowledge and products which will in turn serve to create and retain value in our part of the global economy.


AMI works with the small and medium-sized enterprise to stimulate Innovation by providing valuable skills to assist with getting ideas to market successfully.





Contact AMI or call David Howell today at (905) 812-7264 for more information and to understand how AMI can achieve results for your business.