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Special Services

Corporate Event Planning...


AMI provides corporate event planning for a number of comapnies around the world through AMI/Race Inc.


Our events embody the excitement of Formula I racing along with internationally acclaimed artists and entertainers. Our events deliver customer relationship management and corporate incentives through:


  • Extravagant meals and wines
  • Fashion, racing, musical entertainment
  • Cirque de Soleil, air shows, skydiving, and hot laps in one our five protoype Mercedes LeMan cars.

AMI events far outshine traditional sporting events, dinners or gala events.


Media Management...


AMI provides your company with seasoned, credible, business-savvy spokesperson to relay your message through BizMedia Global.


We offer extensive media experience, assited by strong relationships with major Canadian and U.S. publications and television. We combine industry trend information with your information to position your company in the most positive light.


BizMedia Global will raise your company's profile by inspiring the media to write about your products, services, inititaives and long term strategies.





Contact AMI or call David Howell today at (905) 812-7264 for more information and to understand how AMI can achieve results for your business.